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The March is On

On January 21, 2017, hundreds of thousands of women and girls of all ages, marched in cities all over the country to affirm and declare, announce and celebrate the power and equality of women. This conglomeration of women coming together for a common cause was, in my mind, a preventative measure. As of yet Donald Trump has not done anything to curb the rights of women over their minds, bodies and spirits.

The amazing thing is that collectively, women sense something is amiss, as only women can, with our incredible intuition and infinite wisdom. And that is that Donald Trump has shown a lack of understanding of what women want and need. More importantly, today was a declaration that we are not requesting, begging. We are demanding equal rights. We speak clearly, with a voice that represents not only us, but also our children, and our many supportive men. Sensitive men whose voices may be muffled by this administration.

Women came together to say, “Hey, we are watching you, and we can mobilize any time against you if you operate in ways that violate what is right. If you try to go backwards in the progression of women’s rights, in civil rights, in the environmental sanctity of our country, we will rise up!”

This march wasn’t just about women, it was about everyone. It was about maintaining where we are, and pushing forward for a better tomorrow with new ways of thinking, being, behaving. Ways that reflect the future we wish to create.

I am proud to be a female warrior and will stand up for what I think is right. I encourage you to educate yourselves about what is going on in your federal, state and local lawmaking offices and stand up for what you believe to be right. If we all do that, we have a good chance of being ruled by the people and for the people, as our founding fathers and mothers intended.

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