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Gossip or Compassion

When you find out someone has been talking about you negatively, it hurts. Really hurts. You feel misunderstood and judged. Remember this if you every feel tempted to gossip or badmouth anyone.

It may be true that they did or said something that you don’t like or even hurt someone else. But that doesn’t justify doing something equally unlikable. Sometimes we don’t have all the information about a person or situation. It’s easy to jump to conclusions, but that can result in a false picture.

r-gossip-teen-large570-2People who are having difficulty often find themselves acting in a way that is less than their best. That’s because they’re having a hard time. They may be on edge and lash out verbally or physically. Their situation doesn’t excuse them or make what they do ok. But it could help you to give them the benefit of the doubt – to acknowledge that you don’t know everything that that person has been through. You haven’t walked in their shoes.

Stepping back and being compassionate is better. Observing rather than judging. Being open to possibilities and transformation. We are all on a path of growth and discovery, especially those facing challenges in life.

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